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The speaker has vast knowledge in the area of people management. Administration and career direction. In the video “ how to sell your fish ”. Shinyashiki gives tips for salespeople from different areas on how to present the product. What are the essential behaviors for success and what captivates the customer. Watch and this video: where to find free online sales motivational talks you can find free sales motivational talks on the internet without having to leave your home. Check out the channels that have the most hits on the internet with tips to help increase sales.

Alfredo rocha it has one of the most accessed websites and youtube channels when it comes to sales. Motivational lectures and leadership. He does not point to academic training as a highlight. He says he is a practical scholar who acquired experience through contact with great entrepreneurs spread throughout brazil. With clear and objective content. Alfredo stands out for having dynamic and accessible language. Being able to communicate perfectly with the public that wants to learn sales methods and learning about excellence in service.

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To have access to several free lectures. In addition Ivory Coast Phone Number to following the articles on the website. Ecommerce brazil channel on the ecommerce brasil portal . Several motivational lectures are available for sellers free of charge. The topics are quite varied. Reaching professionals interested in online sales. Digital marketing . Leadership. People management. E-commerce processes. Among others. Ted talks with portuguese subtitles in this link you will find all the ted talks that are subtitled for portuguese.

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In fact , you can use the search filters to find lectures subtitled in the languages you prefer. Check out some of these motivational sales talks right now: 5 of the best sales ted talks: watch. Learn. Use in your business want even more salespeople training videos? Check out our exclusive webseries: agendor webseries: customer relationships . 8 inside sales courses. 1 of which is free. Start now! Júlio paulillo view on linkedin share with your team courses-inside-sales share with your team inside sales course. Is this what you are looking for? Do you already know this sales strategy and want to improve on it?

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Everything from the beginning? Inside sales is a way to sell more objectively and at a lower cost. Supported by technology. Its main premise is that there are no visits to customers. All contacts are made internally. Via online technology. See how to be more productive and efficient in sales with our free downloadable guide in it you will see how to organize and take advantage of the relationship with your customers to sell more and better. Cover-guide-productive-efficient-sales.png name corporate email office qty of salespeople in the company field of activity want to receive sales secrets and tips? Yea no is that what you want to know more about? So. Check out the 8 inside sales courses we’ve selected for you.

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