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The medium article brochure landing page business card. Graphic designer blog if the existence of this reality must influence the specifications, it must always be made to coincide with each creation and each target . Do not hesitate, as such, to give as much information as possible about your core target and your. Identity to your graphic designer, so that he has all the keys to the success of your project. All graphic designers know the vector format, but this term often sounds. Therefore, Like a completely new concept – or very little mastered – on the side of neophytes. Therefore, What are the properties of the vector format? Why do we use it? What are his limits ? Here is the main information to know about these files that can be enlarged to infinity, without deformation and without.

The vectorized format the possibility of resizing

If you enlarge an image in format, for example, you will see pixels appear on the document . The more you zoom in, the more they will be visible – and the lower the quality of the rendering will be. Graphic designer concretely, the vector is the result of a mathematical creation , itself based on the construction of vector lines that can be recalculated and Photo Background Removing readjusted at each change in size. It is thanks to this process that the magnification can be infinite, without risk of loss of sharpness. Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. Therefore, SEE PRICES How to create a vectorized file? It is not enough to save an image format for it to automatically become a vector: real creative work is essential to achieve this result.

This requires a certain number of skills

Photo Background Removing

Therefore, You have to master all the colors, shapes and characteristics of the initial image before creating. A new one, with custom-calculated vectors and lines. Graphic designer In short, even if you are used to regularly handling photographic editing BTC Database AS software, do not design vectors if you do not know the method to achieve it , because you risk ultimately having an unusable result, which will not allow you not to take full advantage of the advantages of this format. Therefore, Why use the vectorized format for a logo? The logo is one of the elements of the graphic charter most often vectorized , for a very simple reason. We are led to use them on all types of communication media, from the tiny business card to the large billboard.

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