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For this reason it is important to refute some premises established by simple intellectual laziness, or what mass culture calls “tradition”: It is not true that the best way to obtain the indispensable sustenance comes from trading time for money. Is not true. As much as it constitutes part of the ancestral popular wisdom. Nor is it true that success in life (first it must be stated that success has an absolutely personal unit of measurement), lies in training people in knowledge, skills and abilities that are made available to the market. It is false that traditional employment is the ideal vehicle to negotiate this training in the market. It is not true that the successful “professional career” is represented by a history of jobs that have consumed a good part of time and life.

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General Theory of Administration The general theory of Administration began with what we will call “emphasis on tasks” (activities performed by workers in a factory), with Taylor’s scientific management. Next, the basic concern was “structure Color Correction Service emphasis” with Taylor’s classical theory and with. Weber’s theory of bureaucracy, followed later by the structuralist theory of management. The humanistic reaction arose with the “emphasis on people”, through the theory of human relations. Later developed by the theory of behavior and by the theory of organizational development. The “environment emphasis” emerged with systems theory, perfected by contingency theory. This later developed the “emphasis on technology.

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It is very important because there are clauses that prohibit carrying out another activity while you are working, some are lighter and indicate that you cannot carry it out in your workspace. Also, if you do it during your permanent employment and if BTC Database AS you do it on computers that belong to the company, they have the right to what you are creating. It is important that you talk to Human Resources staff for guidance on this, they will understand your vision and help you set limits. So the best advice is to always undertake from a personal computer, outside the office and in your free time. An effective little trick Make a list of your obligations and hobbies, and Now with that list in mind, you’ll have to reconsider your priorities and sacrifice some of your favorite hobbies.

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