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Consider inserting bullete lists with symbols if necessary. This will allow you to ensure better visibility of your responsibilities and your results. Prefer an easy and quick reading for recruiters. Hit the key points and reduce as much as possible to keep only the essentials. A recruiter will read diagonally first. Also procee in chronological order, which will highlight the skills acquire for each position held. If you want to emphasize a past experience, highlight it in your LinkedIn profile summary to make it stand out from the rest. What are your skills to highlight? Talk about your intellectual and technical values, your knowledge and know-how (know-how and know-how are to be clearly distinguished). We must therefore talk about.

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His personal qualities which sometimes make all the difference between two candidates. However, you must provide more details than what is found on the CVs. We recommend that you support the presentation of your skills with documents or Hungary Phone Number List content that can be consulte on the internet. These will illustrate and confirm your experiences. To do so, use the addition of links which will make it easy to consult external resources. Hiring on LinkedIn: Being active and present online It is important to show recruiters that you are looking for a job (listening). However, avoid the terms ” in active search ” because.

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It will not allow you to be in a favorable negotiation situation. Rather show that you are listening to the market if an opportunity arises. You don’t close the door and you’ll be in a stronger position if you land a job interview. For this, you must be active BTC Database AS on LinkedIn , because passive profiles do not interest employers. You must therefore regularly publish content or make updates to show that you are present. In the all-digital era where content is ROI, you have to make yourself visible and speak out about the sector or the themes targete. Hiring on LinkedIn: Being active and present online If you already have a well-establishe network, do not hesitate to start discussions in.

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