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Android in the Google Play Store. © Copyright 2022 Sprout Social. Inc. All Rights Reserved. Privacy | Terms | Disclosure Policy | Cookies | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Skip to main content Contact Georgia Phone Numbers Login Try Sprout for Free Blog Home Social Media Networks Industries Career Growth Marketing Insights Sprout Resources All Topics Search Sprout Blog / All Networks / Facebook Facebook Live for brands: 10 Essential tips for a successful stream Written byby Joe Huber Published on June 23. 2021

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Reading time 10 minutes Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Copy Link Streaming Facebook Live content has exploded in popularity. thanks to social platforms’ increasing support of live streaming features. and rising audience interest in video events that are highly interactive and less filtered than standard pre-produced content. Facebook Live has become a top destination for this type of video content. ranking as one of the top three live streaming platforms across multiple age groups in 2020.

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As people adjust their social media and entertainment habits in 2021 and beyond. the boom of interest in live video shows no sign of stopping. The question becomes: how do you take advantage of that engagement for your brand? How to go live on Facebook It’s easier than ever for brands to run a Facebook. Live stream. thanks to recent feature. Updates that let business Pages broadcast the same way personal profiles were able to previously. If you want to start a Facebook. Live video from a business Page. choose “Start a Live Video” from the options in the create post box.


The appearance of this option will vary depending on whether you’re on mobile or desktop. You’ll then want to create a stand-out description. with options to include elements like location or tag others. Finish your set up and select “Start Live Video” to begin the broadcast. But be sure to check out our tips below to make the process of set-up. rehearsal. and moderation less intimidating. Since Facebook Live is free and easy to use. any company can get involved. However. it’s critical to ensure your video strategy is in place before.

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