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The developer has developed your app and it is ready to be published. It is important that while your app is being developed, you submit it to the Google Play and Apple App Store. Your account must be accepted by Google and Apple before you can put your app live in the app stores.

  • Google Play requires a one-time payment of $25.
  • There is an annual payment of $99 for the Apple App Store.

Then the developer can publish your app in the app stores, and voilà! You now have your own augmented reality app live!


After publishing the app, you can choose to remove the developer from both app stores. I always recommend doing this. If you want to work with the developer again later, you can just add his/her email again.

An augmented reality app

So having an augmented reality app made is not that complicated at all! Yet there are still few companies that use this technology for their own business. With an augmented reality app you can distinguish yourself from the competition, and the costs of making such an app are not that bad.

Hopefully, these learnings will help you Investors Email Lists make an informed decision about whether an augmented reality app could be right for your business. Good luck!

Investors Email Lists

Everyone understands the importance of a text without disturbing language errors. A text with language errors makes your message come across less strongly and casts doubt on your degree of professionalism. In this article you will find the most common spelling mistakes in business texts. Are you writing email address or email address now? Take advantage of it and never write this wrong from now on.

Spelling mistakes? Grammar errors? What’s the difference again?

By language errors we mean, in short, errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will omit errors in sentence structure and consistency here for the sake of convenience. What do the concepts mean again?

  • Spelling: the rules we follow when converting letters into words. So for example: categories instead of misspelled categories .
  • Grammar: the set of rules by which words and sentences are used in a language. So for example: ‘ the service we offer ‘ instead of the grammatically incorrect ‘ the service we offer 

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