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Lead generation how to attract new customers

Lead generation is a strategy that aims to attract potential customers. Indeed, the term “leads” refers to business opportunities, such as contacts who can become customers (professional or private) for the company’s products or services. In this article, we will explain the two main methods to use to generate qualified leads. What is a lead and how do i generate one? Lead generation: definition a lead is a contact who can potentially become a new customer of the company. If all companies do not have the same definition of lead, one thing is common to all: the lead has shown (or little shown) an interest in your company and the products or services you provide.

Many strategies are possible

Thus, a lead can be: the contact of a person who made a request for information by telephone or by form a click or registration on a website a response to a promotional offer (by email for example) registration and/or participation in 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers events (whether on the web at a trade show) a lead can thus potentially become a future customer. After commercial negotiations, for example. Lead generation in marketing is simply the set of processes aimed at attracting and acquiring leads. What is a qualified lead? A qualified lead (also called prospect) is a contact. About whom we have enough information to know. That it corresponds to our client typology.

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There are two ways to generate qualified leads: once the simple leads are generated, it is time to “qualify” them, by collecting all the information necessary to start a sales process: the lead then becomes a qualified lead (or a prospect) , and has BTC Database AS a good chance of become a customer it is also possible to generate qualified leads directly by targeting your campaign to companies or consumers who have already shown an interest in your field. As it can be complicated, there are companies specializing in the generation of qualified leads, btob as well as btoc. The importance of lead generation in business. As we have just seen, lead generation corresponds to the strategy. Put in place to produce leads , and therefore customer contacts.

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