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Learn the Steps to Create a Youtube Jamaica Phone Number

Videos are an excellent digital marketing strategy. Learn the steps to create a YouTube channel right now!

Laura Ribeiro
Mar 4 | 8 min read
steps to create a youtube channel
Marketing on social networks has become a powerful tool to promote the visibility of businesses on the internet . Under this scenario, it is practically impossible to stop talking about the steps to create a YouTube channel .

The platform has more than two billion active users, an average of 1.9 billion registered users per month, 400 hours of videos added per minute, one billion hours consumed per day.

It is not in vain that the social network, which occupies the second position of the most used worldwide, has a community whose predominant age group is between 25 and 44 years old (23%) .

Thus, the figures indicate it: investing in marketing actions on YouTube configures an extremely interesting alternative for business owners.

Do you want to learn how to do your Marketing on YouTube ?

So, read on because in today’s article, we break down all the relevant points to help you create a YouTube channel from scratch.

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Should I invest in YouTube?
YouTube is a constantly expanding social network and its statistics only reinforce its importance in today’s market.

According to Alexa research , YouTube is the second most visited website on the web

Likewise, according to the report The Global State of Digital in 2019 by Hootsuite and We Are Social, YouTube is the most used social network among most Spanish-speaking countries.

However, the majority of Internet users who visit the social network are from the United States, 15.8% , followed by visitors from India and Japan.

Regarding the business field, more than 50% of Latin American consumers turn to YouTube to verify the opinion of influencers and other Jamaica Phone Number people about the product they want to buy or service they want to hire. Even 90% of network users say they discover new solutions and brands on the platform.

According to previous research, approximately 70% of watch time comes from mobile devices, with each session lasting an average of 40 minutes on the network.

But this is not all!

Youtube offers integration with other platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

However, before clicking the Create Channel button, it is essential to understand your buyer persona and business model.

Is your audience on Youtube? Do you consume videos? Do companies in your industry also produce video content?

Jamaica Phone Number

If the Answer Is Yes to All Questions,

then you are ready to start creating your account.

However, if it was negative, it is time to study different alternatives for a video marketing strategy.

Do not discard YouTube without evaluating its potential. It may be that your audience still lacks audiovisual production , or that no one in your area has taken the risk of uploading a video to the network.

It pays to do some in-depth research on the subject . However, YouTube is still a great alternative to work with keywords and ensure the integration of different formats for your social networks.

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