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I am found using specific keywords. So you know why. I’m a big proponent of posts versus articles. There are no more frequently on. LinkedIn. And to complete this reading, here are 2 other articles that. Should help you. Take better advantage of the flagship professional network. 12 tools for your LinkedIn profile LinkedIn strategy: Why promote personal profiles? LinkedIn’s little toolbox publishe by Dunod Julien Pibourret: LinkedIn expert, speaker and author of the little LinkedIn toolbox publishe by Dunod  Give an opinion on a subject LinkedIn is not the social network strictly speaking to give its opinion.

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Twitter is arguably better place. Despite everything, nothing prevents you from tackling a theme that is close to your heart. This may be, for example, information relate to your professional environment. The desire to bounce back on an article or a post, on a topical subject. Do not hesitate to publish your way of thinking. Nothing prevents you, too, from raising Sri Lanka Phone Number List your voice. To offend you or take a stand. On this last point, be very careful. I remind you that LinkedIn is a professional social network. Seeking to split is not necessarily a good strategy to adopt. 2  Celebrate, share a success You got a new contract.

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You start a new collaboration. Your company’s figures are looking good.There are many reasons to rejoice. And you can, very well, make a post about it. Reading good news, on social media, just about anything, isn’t that common. And it feels good. Celebrating, sharing a success on LinkedIn Again, do it, sparingly and subtly. Don’t get into excessive self-promotion. Your efforts and your goodwill will then be counterproductive. 3 – Share a more institutional BTC Database AS message on LinkedIn It is a form of post that is generally found, via company pages. The tone is colder, and naturally less personal. It is a message that engages a society, an institution, an administration. Words are traditionally weighed .

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