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So we can all become a media. Linkedin a social network for doing business. At this stage of the article, I suggest that This problem can be circumvente by using an ambassador strategy. When possible, I steer towards this leveradvertisers who will buy space (traffic) by precisely targeting the audiences to be reache What we see in practice is that Linkedin will voluntarily lower the visibility of business pages. Linkedin Profiles You already have the opportunity to publish content for free on the world’s leading professional social network. We don’t say it often enough, but it’s already incredible for your communication. Especially when you distribute content where your BtoB targets are. It is therefore.

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Pompletely normal that this operation exists. You can check again by comparing the visibility of a personal profile and a Linkedin company page (except company with a strong employer brand). Attention, I am not saying that this advertising lever should not be teste I simply explain that it is necessary to understand this Nigeria Phone Number List functioning and the stakes before communicating. Conclusion You will therefore have understood that I have an organic and long-term approach to Linkedin. Choosing for the moment to favor personal profiles means understanding the real business opportunities on the network. This may change, but it is not currently. You can set up and animate a company page, but in my opinion.

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It is not a priority channel and it will have to be (purchase traffic, ambassadors), to gain visibility. Find me on Linkedin to find out more: Julien Pibourret Content to be produce and publishe on Linkedin – continue Let’s continue on the content to produce and which allows you to stand out on Linkedin. As such, here we will see 3 different types of engaging content and how they convey a message. 1. Visuals When it comes to content, you might be good at creating visuals and grabbing the eye. If so, take advantage of it and use your creativity by delivering visual messages that will impact your audience. The visuals can relate to tips, inspiring quotes or highlighte figures. They can also be a trigger for debate if you.

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