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Look At The Difference Between Subscription Accounts

It can be seen that the push frequency of subscription accounts is higher.  This allows brands to have more opportunities to interact with fans and allow customers to see updates. Thereby deepening their impression of the brand. Bas on this feature, subscription accounts are more suitable for industries or companies. That requires regular exposure, such as the FMCG industry. In contrast, service numbers are more suitable for. To B enterprises, such as companies that provide basic services such as telecommunications. The goals behind service accounts and subscription accounts are different, leading to differences in their content. Subscription accounts focus on increasing customer awareness of the brand, while service accounts are mainly used to manage and maintain customer relationships.

Account Hashtag And The Continuous Reading

Taking advantage of the loose limit on the number of publications in subscription accounts, we recommend that brands push more and richer content to fans every day. At the same time, you need to ensure that the content you publish is insightful and educational, otherwise it will be difficult to capture reader interest. Given that WeChat users read about 5 articles a day, good content should encourage followers to share with friends, thereby Bulgaria Mobile Number List attracting new followers.

For the service account, in addition to article publishing, its core lies in “sales and service-oriented functions”. Official account operators attach great importance to developing a comprehensive “custom menu” on the WeChat interface to provide users with self-service support. For example, the service number of the hospital will have self-registration, card establishment/binding and other medical services.

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Function At The End Of The Hashtag

The above is a detail explanation of the difference between a subscription account and a service account. Whether it is a service account or a subscription account, attention should be paid. To the optimization of content, supplemented by tags and popular keywords to improve. The visibility of the official account’s pictures and texts in WeChat search results, and through. The superposition of certain marketing tools to achieve this. The goal is to use marketing automation technology combin. With offline activities to obtain high-quality potential customers in a lightweight way, and to maintain. The brand spirit and value while improving the service quality.

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