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Make Any to Your Google Rankings? Ivory Coast Phone Number

Does the bounce rate make any difference to your Google rankings?
Faced with such a significant doubt, nothing better than consulting those responsible for this analysis, don’t you think?

Considering what Google says on the subject, the answer is that bounce rate does not affect your position in search rankings!

Did the answer surprise you? Yes, but there are valid reasons behind this statement that satisfactorily clarify the issue:

Not everyone uses Google Analytics

Only pages that have the Ivory Coast Phone Number Google Analytics code can capture your bounce rates. Since not all sites use Analytics, this metric is not used.

But of course, this is not the only factor that prevents the use of bounce rate as an evaluation criterion, nor is it the most important!

Ultimately, if this was really an important point for Google, the engine would find a way to include it in the evaluation, right?

Visiting time is too broad an indicator

Even the company itself takes it into account when talking about the bounce rate on its official website :

A visitor may spend 10 minutes on your page ecause they are reading and rereading the content or because they paying attention to another activity and even forgot what they were doing.

How bounce rate affects your site?
In most cases, seeing visitors leave your site on the first page is not a good thing.

Given this scenario, it is very important to understand how the bounce rate can be detrimental to your digital strategy.

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List of 3 Ways a High Bounce Rate Affects Your Website:

Difficulty retaining visitors
Nowadays, being successful on the internet is an exclusive privilege of those who manage to gradually attract and strengthen their relationship with the public .

If your website ranks high on Google, you’re probably accomplishing the first part: attracting people to the site.

However, the problem is that with a high bounce rate, it is almost impossible to retain visitors. How are these people going to be in the content you produce and your solutions if they don’t even go beyond the first page they access?

In this way, the priority should be to identify what is causing the audience to lose interest in the messages and correct these problems quickly to keep them on your site for longer.

Considerably greater effort to achieve goals
Regardless of your niche or marketing strategy , you to have a well-defined purpose for your website.

Whether this goal defines that the public reads your blog regularly, subscribes to a newsletter, downloads free material or makes a purchase, for it to be met, the bounce rate must be low .

In the end, any of these actions that we require interaction, clicks, searches, etc. Therefore, we can say that each rejection is a lost opportunity in terms of conversion .

The higher the bounce rate of your pages, the more effort it takes to achieve your goals.

Greater Investment in Ads

If you invest in sponsored links, you know that there is also a ranking to ensure that the most relevant ads appear prominently.

Something that is taken into account for this is the quality of the landing page experience, that is, how relevant your page is to those who click on the ad.

If most of the people who click on your ad leave the site without interacting with any of your pages, it’s a sign that they haven’t found what they were looking for.

All of this goes into the Ads calculation , which defines the quality level of your ad . The lower the quality, the more expensive the cost per click.

Basically, this means that while it doesn’t affect your ranking on Google, a high bounce rate can spell big trouble for the success of your marketing strategy.

Because of this, it’s important to continue to closely monitor this metric and use it to optimize for specific points on your pages.

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