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How to make money with a blog or a website in the best way

So, to start making money with a blog and be successful , you must have everything clear and know everything that awaits you. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways that exist, it works to monetize a blog through ppc advertising, where each user clicks on an ad has a cost (cpc). Although there may be other cpc ad networks, but this is the best known and most relevant, because it works perfectly with google adsense . Signing up is usually that simple, you just fill out a simple form and after google supports your account you can access ad units of various sizes on your blog.

As long as the blog theme is concrete

The motivation: it is very important that you know. The things that await you when you start, since more than half of bloggers leave before the first year. Your ads can reach potential customers, without the need to Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List know you or your page. The competitions per click depend on the competitions that are in that niche. Do you want to know how much competitiveness there is in a term? There are two options: if you do a search on google. You can see how many ads will appear from the search you did, this is.

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Where you have to perform

The other option is to enter the keyword planner and search for a term. Some examples of blogs with cpc advertising: digital photography BTC Database AS school: darren an action to open an account; such as: filling in surveys or personal data. It implies that for each user who successfully completes the action, you can take the commission. You can tell when it’s a landing page , when you click on an ad and it takes. You to the page that requires rowse is very well known for generating a high income. Through adsense, if you have the opportunity. To enter any article you will see the ads in all the bars.

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