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What is Marketing 30 and what novelties

Marketing 3.0 refers to the techniques of brand, product and service promotions, it is especially for those people who have the desire to reach an audience. Where such interests are based on your satisfaction, either of a personal need or desire. It is distinguished when a company uses marketing 3.0 when it focuses directly on the consumer. And, it is that, that is the function that it has, from marketing 1.0 (which focuses on products), marketing 2.0 (specializing in consumers). Currently, new technologies, the growth of the internet and social networks have given customers access to express themselves freely about companies and the experiences they have obtained.

Get your customers, keep them

Philip kotler is an economist specializing in marketing. This man, who has been honored by countless awards. Differences of marketing 3.0, with marketing 2.0 and Cameroon Phone Number List marketing 1.0 phillip kotler exposes 3 stages that give change in the world of marketing: marketing 1.0 product era , where focus was given to the development of functional products. Marketing 2.0: era of consumers , focuses on consumer knowledge and satisfaction, through market segmentation. Marketing 3.0: time of values , is based on recognizing the consumer as the only buyer.

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What does this man have to do with all

You can see in the following image, the differences that exist between them: marketing 3.0 2 the best known BTC Database AS man in economics, kotler. It proposes 10 and make it grow. You should not care what your business is, for you, it must always be a service business. Be relevant for your good products and services important. Points of marketing 3.0: love your consumers and respect all your competitions. Always defend your brand, always keep in mind and be clear about “who you are”. All consumers are different, the first thing you should do is target those who can benefit from you. It offers an excellent product at an affordable price.

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