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Marketing Mix What is it What are the 7Ps

Marketing mix: from the last century to the present still today, marketing mix is ​​a widely used term due to changes that have been made consistently. After that, Updates to the analysis have taken into account new technology and other aspects of marketing that have changed over time. After that, Be open to the need to review your prices and make adjustments to continue offering competitive services to survive and thrive in a constantly changing market. what the life cycle of your product is and what challenges may arise when the product is in the hands of the consumer. For example, the first version of the ipod had a battery problem that was only noticeable after a certain time of use.

Is the customer sensitive to changes in price

Strategy helps define the key issues that affect the marketing of your company’s products and services. We delve into the 4 p’s of the marketing mix below. After that, Can a small decrease in price increase your market share? What discounts Israel Phone Number List can you offer to business customers, or other specific segments of your market? How does your price compare to your competitors? Is there the possibility of combining your products and services together with special offers and promotions? Can you include additional free items that cost less to produce? You must bear in mind the possibility that the price structure you currently have may not be ideal for the market in which you are working.

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Product as a seller you need to consider

The 4 p’s of the marketing mix price you must consider what is. After that, The value perceived by the customer of your product and bear in mind that. Low prices will ensure that more customers buy your product. But it is through the price that BTC Database AS you will be able. After that, to recover any production costs and guarantee. A good profit margin for the survival of the business. This series of questions will help you fill in the price section. What is the current value of your product or service to the buyer. For products or services in your area. cases like this can occur in your business regardless of whether you sell a product or service.

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