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Marketing Mix: Know the 4p’s Marketing Georgia Phone Number

The marketing mix (or Marketing Mix) is one of the fundamental concepts of this area. Know the 4p’s: product, price, place and promotion!

One of the most famous and classic concepts when we study Advertising and Marketing is the marketing mix or Marketing Mix.

The concept was created by Professor Jerome McCarthy and spread by Philip Kotler .

Who has already studied the matter, has probably dedicated a portion of his time to remember and have on the tip of his tongue, the meaning Georgia Phone Number of the marketing mix, formed by the 4p’s:

price ;
square and
Or in English: Product, Price, Placement, Promotion.

Only we are not here to present you with a fact that anyone, in internet search engines , answers without much effort.

The truth, the objective is a little more daring, but more pertinent for our readers.

We want you to understand the concept that surrounds these four words and the universe they are part of.

And logically, about its immeasurable importance for a brand to establish itself and remain firm and strong in the market, even in the face of crises and insecurities.

Therefore, we are going to fill this article with clear examples and objective explanations to help you understand what the 4p’s of marketing are, separately and together, and how to use this tool in your favor.

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First of All: What Is Marketing?

English terms often catch us off guard, even those with considerable knowledge of the language.

Marketing comes from the word market, which can be translated as market, or “to market”, from the verb to market. The “-ing” is the suffix that can be used to present an action that is happening at the moment.

So, if we take this construction as a hook for the formation of the word, we have as marketing “the action of marketing now”.

Only, as much as this definition can help translate the word, this is just the tip of the iceberg when we think about what that action is, in fact.

Marketing is adding all the functions that make a product or service offered by a company, can be purchased by the consumer .

And that is where the marketing mix, also known as the 4 P’s of Marketing or Marketing Mix, comes into play.

Before we continue, I inform you that our complete Marketing guide has just come out of the oven, in which you will be able to know in detail all the concepts related to the subject. Download it for free while reading this article!

What Is the Marketing Mix or 4 P’s of Marketing?

The marketing mix, also called the 4p’s of marketing or Marketing Mix , represents the four basic pillars of any marketing strategy: Product , Price , Place and Promotion . When all 4 are in balance, they tend to influence and win over the public.

But, except for the variations in the nomenclature, the central nerve remains unchanged: the 4p’s of marketing are the basic pillars of any and all strategies.

In essence, what is it to be successful in business?


Only for that, it is necessary to build a brand . And this means much more than opening a sales channel and displaying merchandise. It is necessary to design and build your brand on more than one pillar.

Do you want a well-known example in Brazil?

Hawaiians. A simple rubber sandal.

Just over 20 years ago, it was one of the simplest and cheapest, sold in markets and aimed at a public with low purchasing power.

Who never heard that “Havaianas were mason’s flip -flops”?

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