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Interpretation Of B2b Wechat Marketing Scenarios

WeChat offers a lot of opportunities for your business, but how useful is this app for marketing? Marketing is trial and error. Brand advertising may not have a huge impact on the business at first, but as time goes on, promoters continue to optimize strategies, and the ability of advertising to empower businesses will gradually emerge. To do this, companies need to analyze the results through data. In the official account, for each graphic and text pushed by the brand, you can see data such as the number of readings, shares, and likes in the background. Collect these data to see where improvements can be made.

Integrate Various Third Party Applets

WeChat applet is a “sub-application” in the WeChat ecosystem. You can think of it as a plug-in. Compared with other APPs that need to be installed, the applet does not need to be downloaded. It does not interfere so much with users. Well hidden in Germany Mobile Number List WeChat’s ecosystem without even notification. In 2021, more than 450 million people will use WeChat mini-programs every day, a 32% increase from 2020.

It can provide users with advanced features such as e-commerce, task management, coupons, etc. One of the most common uses of Mini Programs is to sell products, and you can build a complete online store just by using Mini Programs with WeChat Pay. In fact, this is probably one of the most common ways most businesses utilize WeChat mini-programs today.

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Use WeChat’s Search Engine

Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn all have search engines with different algorithms. Where there is search, there is SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of helping a business site rank higher on search engines.

The search engine optimization (SEO) function of WeChat is an indispensable means of attracting traffic or exposure for brand marketing. WeChat search is currently a blue ocean field. The search ranking of many official accounts is still a passive growth, and there is no in-depth research or layout of related keywords. At the same time, WeChat officials have also increased their investment, aiming to build WeChat’s own search ecology. We can take this opportunity to obtain a large amount of accurate traffic for the official account.

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