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Marketing trends in construction leads

Lmost all construction companies have a marketing department. However, if before it was above all the image that prevailed, now the return on investment has taken a dominating place in the communication strategies of the actors of the construction. Companies in the sector no longer seek only to highlight the positioning of the brand or the product but rather to generate quality. Specificities of the construction market very specific products construction products are very specific products that meet very strict standards. Almost all of them are subject to certification and/or validation by the cstb (centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment) before they are placed on the market.

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An element on which it will be necessary to ensure that you provide clear information to your future customers. Two types of customers first thing to know. On the construction market, there are two distinct targets, craftsmen and prescribers who are nearly 40,000 in france. Under the name prescribers, we find in particular architects but also structural and fluid design offices who are Namibia Phone Number List principals. Prescribers are mainly concentrated in large cities, particularly in île-de-france. How to reach the right target: individuals or professionals? Other complexity of construction products, they are also highly sought after by individuals. It is therefore very difficult to reach only a b2b target. The keywords used in b2b remaining in high demand in b2c.

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Take care of your brochures and your website

If you want to reach both targets, you must imperatively dissociate b2b marketing and b2c marketing . Do not disperse your efforts and your budget and choose the right levers. The marketplace allows you to reach a b2b target and generate truly qualified leads , from BTC Database AS decision-makers and professional buyers with a short or medium-term purchase project. Fierce competition the construction market is a highly competitive market. There are many companies offering the same product categories. In addition, to the french competition, is added the international competition. With extremely competitive products and whose only downside. Can be the after-sales service, sometimes feared by companies.

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