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Multi channel prospecting find out how to multiply

Behind this somewhat barbaric expression, there is actually a simple concept: it is a question here of targeting prospects, of connecting with them to initiate a sales process. You can choose to invest in a single strategy, but to be effective, it is best to use all the means available: the famous inbound and outbound acquisition channels . In this context, multi-channel prospecting is the most effective way to reach your target… provided, however, that you master the techniques! ‍ sample multi-channel prospecting campaign workflow ‍ start with data thanks to societeinfo ‍ in btob, to prospect effectively, the first step is to collect data.

Data enrichment by lagrowthmachine

And, as far as possible, qualified data! Indeed, how to target leads if you have no information about them? ‍ for this, there are many techniques and tools, but they require time and energy. Moreover, many give up or are content with data that List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers is not very usable. To collect the information you need, you can turn to specialized tools like societeinfo com. ‍ thanks to our database of more than 20 million contacts and 11 million business records , you can retrieve a large amount of essential data for your prospecting efforts. All you have to do is search by keyword and/or use the filters available. ‍

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After cleaning your databases

a real time saver when you know what it means to find all this information manually. ‍ at the end of your research, you will be able to target your prospects more, by operating a segmentation by: activity area ; turnover achieved; position in society; account BTC Database AS size; naf / ape code; … search for companies and contacts on but you can also use certain data such as the name of the decision-makers, their professional email address , their linkedin account , their position … And that’s where it gets interesting! ‍ now that you have collected your contacts, all you have to do is export your data.

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