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NetEase Cloud Music 7.0: Functional Analysis and Optimization Suggestions

NetEase Cloud Music initially attracte the attention of the public with literary and artistic sentences with stories in the comment area and accurate personalize music recommendations. Since 2013, it has accumulate 800 million users. The function has also been increased from playing music to live broadcast, shopping mall, hot comment wall, Mlog, etc. The launch of many functions has been criticize a lot. Face with the pressure of commercial realization and high copyright fees, NetEase Cloud Music has become less pure. Are the villagers in Yuncun willing to pay for their feelings?

Product function split

This chapter mainly analyzes the product from the five dimensions of music, social networking, video & live broadcast, business and humanization.

The product continues to strengthen its music recommendation function, and the discovery Switzerland Phone Number page recommends music from various , such as styles, scenes, new songs, popular songs, and radio stations. The concise and yet sentimental recommendation words have found a lot for you who love listening to songs. A legitimate reason.

There are a wide variety of video pages, covering music portraits, dances, covers, ACG music, games, etc. The broad market of short videos provides a good opportunity for the promotion of music.

 Product positioning

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NetEase Cloud Music is mainly designed for young people who love music. A product that integrates music and social interaction. And provides a platform for musicians to display their talents. Share their lives, and interact with each other. Here, singers can release the latest albums, original musicians can share their unique music ideas, and passers-by can also discover more interesting playlists and find friends with similar interests. The meticulously polished playlist theme, the beautiful and artistic playlist cover, the sensational hot comments and the small emotions of paying attention to people’s thoughts in Yuncun make this software a habitat for literary and artistic youth, where one after another mood and precipitation are placed for a long time. s story.


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