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New contact tracing and normalization system

The job titles displayed on are data that comes directly from our web data extraction programs, without standardization on our part. We therefore historically only displayed what the person had provided on social networks, web pages… If a person declared himself to be “cfo” we displayed “cfo”. If another person declared himself to be “daf” we rebroadcast “daf” on contact. To target the “administrative and financial director” persona in our search engine, we had to combine boolean operators (or, and, not), in order to detect the terms of the different possible names. In our example, you had to type the query.

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Head of finance or financial director or chief financial officer etc… This therefore meant knowing all the variants of declared positions and transforming them into a correct boolean query… In short, it was complicated! ‍ we have therefore Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List standardized the positions and created a repository ‍ to simplify research on the most recurrent profiles in companies (ceo, daf, hrd, purchasing director, etc.), we have created an algorithm capable of analyzing an individual’s role in french or in english. This algorithm analyzed the 8 million job titles referenced in our application. And categorized them in a job. Classification system which has more than 10,000.

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To simplify the use of this job classification, we have created a secondary tree that combines department/service and level of seniority the principle is simple, for example if you are looking for all financial managers in the contact BTC Database AS database. You are going to select the “administration and finance” section and the “director” seniority level. To select people in the “r&d” departments regardless of their seniority, you only have to select the “r&d” category to retrieve all the contacts associated with this category. Each time a node from our repository is selected. Our algorithm will therefore be responsible. For searching for all the possible job title variants. You will find the repository in the contact filter: ‍ ‍ ‍ search by keywords remains possible.

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