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In marketing, we often talk about icp, buyer persona or product/market fit. We often forget to mention the importance of momentum. Indeed, it is not enough to offer a good product to the right person… But also to offer it at the right time! This is why we are offering you today, strategic events that can be excellent triggers for prospecting. These events will also allow you to follow companies and their recent activities even more easily, we have just integrated no less than 20 years of strategic events for french companies! Strategic corporate events, what are they exactly? ‍ these are important news in the life of companies such as a key appointment, a move project or the opening of a subsidiary.

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In total, 49 types of events divided into 12 themes are available to you. Below is the full list of events: ‍ corporate strategic events you can consult all the events on this file. Source and reliability of data ‍ our partner explore , with 20 years of expertise in b2b data, has a team of 60 analysts who scan the press daily in order to be able to create the List of the Mobile Phone Numbers event as quickly as possible in our databases. Strategic events are identified through all press releases, local and national news bulletins, whether printed or online. Each event is linked to one or more sirens which allows them to be used as a search filter. ‍ how to filter companies by type of event? ‍ to filter companies that have experienced an event , simply select the desired event(s) in our new dedicated filter.

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You will then have to define the time since which the event occurred using the “date of the event” slider. Illustration below: ‍ ‍ we have listed the details of events related to a company in a new data block. The source and date of the event are indicated at the top right of each object. ‍ an image containing textdescription automatically generated ‍BTC Database AS by clicking on one of the announcements, you will get the details of the event: ‍ an image containing textdescription automatically generated ‍ ‍ how do you harness the power of this data to increase sales? ‍ strategic events are an excellent prospecting trigger. You can reach the right person at the right time by targeting prospects who just attended a specific event and offering your services before the competition does.

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