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People come to you and ask you for a connection. Build a Linkedin network to gain visibility In a second step, you can solicit contacts according to your area of ​​expertise. On the subject there is everything and its opposite. Imagine it with questions to ask yourself: Should we solicit relationships identical to our profile? Clear ! Should a community manager create a network of community managers? To answer this question, you simply to have set objectives beforehand. But you can see both advantages and disadvantages. If you are a freelance community manager , you will see few colleagues among your.

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Relations giving you work. So in terms of prospecting, you have to know how to open up to all types of profiles, able to call on your services. It is therefore not useful to create a network of colleagues only. This being so, it can be beneficial to ensure a watch Netherlands Phone Number List over its heart of activity. It is then necessary to resituate its network and segment it according to its objectives. To stand out on Linkedin it can be useful to seek to emerge among your fellows. But beware of the ego and the spirit of competition that can slip in. On the other hand, we can find clear advantages, like the person who maintains a media on the subject.

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Sharing a lot of content related to community management, you will have every interest in building a CM network. You will thus be able to stand out better on Linkedin, thanks to your media and the potential shares and interactions gaine. This is why it is BTC Database AS important to clearly define the use that we must have of Linkedin. Should we personalize a connection request? This question continues to make a lot of ink flow and everyone sees here a way to impose their vision on the subject. If you are told that personalizing a message on Linkedin is mostly recommended, it is partly a reality. However ! Expect 8 out of 10 people to pay little or no attention.

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