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You write a between-n if the left part of the compound word (which consists of two words) is a noun that ends in ‘ and’ . You also write a between-n if the first part of a compound is a noun that ends in ‘ en’ in the plural . Note that there are many exceptions to these rules (for example , briefcase, because the plural of deed can b

The correct spelling is: liked .

See the explanation at number 7 about conjugating a verb of English origin

The correct spelling is: e-mailed .

You write e-mailed, because the verb e-mail contains a separate ‘ e’ (the abbreviation of electronic ) plus the word mailing . When ‘ ge’ comes before a single letter, there must always be a hyphen in Partners Email Lists between. So i-banked and therefore also e-mailed .

Partners Email Lists

The correct spelling is: = pdf file .

Initially, the spelling PDF (with capital letters) was used. In the meantime, the concept has become so well established that PDF must be written in small letters. If a compound word consists of an abbreviation and a noun, then a hyphen must be placed between these two: so e-book and therefore also pdf file .

 email address

The correct spelling is: e-mail address .

It is worth mentioning again: the free spell checker of Microsoft Word sees this incorrect spelling as correct! In a word consisting of an initial word (like here the ‘ e’ from electronic ) and a noun ( mail ), there must be a hyphen between the two parts: pc-tafel , e-mail and thus also e-mail address . You can get around this difficult word by using the word email address .

Don’t rely on your spell check

And? How many of the above words belong to the words you always misspelled? Hopefully you learned first how to spell these words correctly and also learned that you can’t rely one hundred percent on the free spell checkers. Read more about

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