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Of B2b Webchat Marketing industry Aspect

Fully research consumer data For the brand market, consumers are the key maintenance targets, so the development of WeChat public account marketing should be based on consumer-centric thinking. Therefore, brand operators should conduct surveys on consumers’ purchase intentions in the current or previous seasons, observe their favorite advertising forms, and effectively classify and count the data of receipts, so as to judge the positioning of the public account in the next step.

When brands use WeChat Official Accounts for marketing promotion, they need to focus on user experience and interaction and provide personalized services.

What Should Enterprises Do

The mission of the brand – to integrate Chinese style with modern culture, and have a fresh expression that belongs to the present and the future.

The positioning of the official account. Clear positioning helps to enhance the value of the official account. The brand must first clarify the purpose of the Japan Phone Number List by creating the official account, so as to always remind operators not to deviate from the established direction. Secondly, the content of the official account must not only satisfy users’ expectations of the content, but also ensure the quality of the content and bring value to the audience, in order to accelerate the process of building trust between enterprises and users.

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New Ideas For WeChat Public Account Marketing 

Content Construction Content is the key to WeChat official account marketing. It directly determines the user experience and whether users continue to subscribe to the official account. Therefore, before writing content, you need to ask yourself which users the official account can help solve which problems. The construction of corporate official account content should infiltrate brand awareness, use advertorial articles to help attract fans’ attention, and then use interaction and activities to get close to users. For example, the latest tweet of HeyTea’s official account cleverly combines Heytea’s design with Chinese inspiration, using urban offline stores (Shenzhen Shanxijian and Guangzhou Shanwaishan) as examples to convey to users that HEYTEA is a Chinese brand through the official account.

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