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When fans send a message to the official account, or click the corresponding button and trigger. The 48-hour mechanism, the brand can display live text content. With relevant themes and pictures and texts for them according to the keywords replied by the fans. Of course, the body part of the live broadcast requires the brand to limit the messages sent to less than 20. Compared with pictures and texts, text live broadcasts further simplify the content of pictures and texts, which can help fans efficiently obtain useful dry goods and improve the efficiency of incubation and service.

To Be Simplified So That They Can Be Fully Displayed

After the customer completes the payment, the brand can send the corresponding. Thank you message” and “automatic after-sales service”, or guide the customer to click. The corresponding customer service menu at the bottom of the official account. If the Azerbaijan Mobile Number List customer needs it, they can click on the link or menu to directly trigger the corresponding service. The 48-hour application scenario is enough to support. The official account to automatically reply to customer questions and solve simple problems. Of course, considering the special scenario. The brand still has to leave a message at the end of the interaction to guide customers with complex problems to contact. Human customer service – a simple scenario is to send a problem feedback form.

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The Brand Can Also Take The Next Step

After the customer fills in and submits it, the marketing automation background will directly send. The customer The portrait and feedback questions are pushed to the corresponding business person for follow-up. The above is the final content of the new application for the 48-hour customer service interface of the official account. If you are interested in the WeChat marketing tools such as automat journeys and multi-functional. Chat robots mention in the article, please fill out the form below, and a special person will contact you at that time.

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