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Online Fans Can Follow The Brand Official

Customized graphics to cultivate potential users to convert to sales leads. According to the user information, after you have a basic understanding of the label through Step 1 identification, you can push and set customized graphics and texts for a certain label or a group set by multiple labels.

In this era of the attention economy, the premise of attracting fans and establishing strong connections is to understand individual users and send them content that they are interested in. Only customization can make them feel undisturbed – valu, and achieve a win-win situation between brands and consumers.

According to the input of user information, it is divid into different groups, and customize push pictures and texts.

Account By Searching And Enter Important

Fan interaction actions are us as triggers to bind O2O tools. Fans click [read the original text] or click [menu], [message], and other operations on the graphic page, and use such operations as the trigger to bind the sales O2O, which can bind the fan’s Brazil Mobile Number List to the corresponding sales silently. Achieve 1:1 sales management.

Sales and fans can communicate and follow up within the official account, and the chat records are completely preserve. For B2B companies who want to check the sales follow-up, this function is also what they want.

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Information Through The Set Journey

If a fan asks “how to represent XX products?”, “I want to represent XX series.” Such questions indicate that their intention to purchase or cooperate has been very strong. Set up relevant keywords in advance, trigger the corresponding journey, and at the same time send a reminder to the sales to inform the user of this dynamic. Sales can utilize O2O tools to interact 1:1 with this user within 48 hours. Through this operation, users can submit relevant information through journey, and finally bind the corresponding sales to achieve 1:1 management.

By replying with a keyword, you can add a tag to the user who sent this keyword, so as to bind the corresponding sales.

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