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Open data, which can be translated as public data, is information free of rights. Their access is public and their license is open, so they can be freely exploited and reused by everyone, which opens up a lot of possibilities when you want to develop a quality product or service. Find out what open data can be used for. Why is it important to be interested in open data? The opening of data has had important consequences: the emergence of new products and services. In particular, innovative start-ups have developed tools that significantly improve customer acquisition.

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This is the case of which aggregates all the data of french companies on a single application and thus allows: identify target prospects build a contact list enrich databases open data has enabled the emergence of new, powerful Tongliao Phone Number List and innovative methods for acquiring new customers. Definition of open data what is called open data (either ” open data ” in french, or rather ” public data ” or ” free data “) is digital data that can be consulted and used freely by everyone. Although they may be of private origin, they are above all public data, generally produced by a community or a public establishment.

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The open knowledge foundation, an ngo specializing. In royalty-free data, defines open data as “ free access knowledge. Whose essential criteria are availability, reuse. Distribution and universal participation ”. To be available BTC Database AS and reusable at any time,open data has an open license , which guarantees its free access, without technical, legal or financial restrictions. In other words, they are free and permanently accessible. The characteristics of open data public and royalty-free data must meet. Several criteria in order to qualify as open: ‍ the technical criterion. The data must be raw, neutral, readable and automatically usable. Its format must be as open as possible, preferably by internet download, in a practical and modifiable file.

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