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Or Business Person In Charge The Content

Of course, if you want to set a personalized welcome message for different enterprise members and different customer acquisition channels, the enterprise WeChat has corresponding API interfaces to support third-party service providers or enterprises to develop independently. Brands can choose a suitable way to add this function to the enterprise. WeChat CRM. It should be noted that the customer will receive the welcome message only when company member A is added for the first time. After deleting the member and adding it again, the welcome message will not be repeat.

After A Single Enterprise Member Adds A Customer

Similar to personal corporate WeChat for adding corporate members, customers also have three ways to join the corporate group chat: QR code, sign up or mini program. Enterprises can flexibly place the above three group joining methods at different traffic Thailand Mobile Number List portals according to their needs so that customers can join the group at any time, so as to improve the user portrait in the enterprise WeChat CRM. For example, in the offline stores of retail brands, you can place a sign or QR code to join the group; in the mini program mall or member center, you can place a mini program button to join the group.

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It Is Uniformly Configur By The Administrator

The enterprise WeChat administrator can edit the group welcome message. In the background, and set the time interval for sending. The welcome message and the corresponding content. In this way, if the member has permission to use the customer group application. Is the group owner of the group chat, the member can choose which set of welcome speech mechanisms. To use in the corresponding group chat to attract group members to interact.

Different from the personal welcome, the “customer nickname” parameter can be insert the group welcome. After the welcome message is sent, the “customer nickname” will chang. To the WeChat nickname of the new group member or the company’s WeChat name.

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