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In addition object marketing is one of the strategies with a very high GRP (Gross Rating Points) rate. The GRP is an indicator use to measure the reach of a media plan. The high rate of GRP in the context of object marketing is explaine by the large number of impressions generate by opportunities offere by this social network. If the promise seems ambitious, go well to the end of this article, you will be less naive and ready to take action on this social network. I am going to explain to you why I decide to invest in this professional network that is Linkedin. 1. Linkedin: A huge professional address book Linkedin is different from other social networks. It is the only one that allows you to know the activity of the prospects you.

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Want to contact Thus, if you know your target better, it will be much easier to develop a qualitative network. Note in passing that professional social networks are not numerous and that only Linkedin is really interesting and complete. Before there was Viadeo, which was Chile Phone Number List better represente in France. Today there is no longer any competition between Viadeo and Linkedin. While many people associate Linkedin with job hunting, it remains a powerful tool where millions of users connect to find new clients. Enrich your Linkedin network How to achieve this? Linkedin allows very precise searches with advanced.

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Criteria It’s simple  It’s like Google, but with specific filters. Your targets are, for example, Linkedin profiles that represent hotel managers working in Paris and Bordeaux. It’s possible: we call it TARGETING. With it, you will be able to build lists with highly qualified personal Linkedin profiles. You will then need to know to what extent, you must enter into a relationship with them. I call this the conversation process. If you’re generating conversations BTC Database AS on Linkedin, you’ve got it all figure out. I generate between 5 and 10 every day with a Linkedin profile. It is an effective practice that works on the principle of networking. No SPAM on Linkedin please. If you are a beginner put.

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