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So how can your potential customers find your official website faster and more accurately? Search engine optimization (SEO) can use some keywords to help your potential customers see your official website faster. When we talk about SEO, we often mention two kinds: on-site SEO (On-site) and off-site SEO (Off-site).

In B2B sales management, the impact of social media on B2B companies is also huge. Over 60% of buyers check out new service providers on social media, making social media referrals more frequent and faster than friend referrals. In short, in this digital age, social media is like an “accelerator. That can quickly give the public a good reputation and professional impression of your business.

On The Official Website Of The Brand.

On-site SEO is to use some “keywords” related to your products or services to allow search engines to accurately crawl the content of your official website so that your potential customers can see your website when searching for relevant Chile Mobile Number List content. Of course, you can also put links from other websites or related content written by other authors on your website to enhance the authority of your website. We call this off-site SEO. When you put some links to websites that have been confirmed to be authoritative on your official website, search engines will think that your website is also credible, thereby improving your search ranking.

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Advertising Advertising is also always an effective way to manage B2B sales. You can advertise effectively through the following platforms. Industry publications social media. Baidu advertising and other search engine marketing. Retargeting – A cookie-based technology that uses simple. JavaScript code to anonymously “follow” your audience across the web and deliver relevant advertising. In fact, in this age of information flooding, advertising is not a “golden panacea”. The success of the launch depends largely on the channel, budget, target audience, content, and industry potential.

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