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Diaries if you have several pages for example. As such, you will therefore work on the visibility andreputation of your compan . See a media if you hold a media, etc. The LinkedIn group It is rather a question of exchanging between people attache to the same universe. The same passion, etc. It is a bit like the principle of the forum in a very simplifie version. The exchange of points of view, debates and mutual assistance are the points raise the most. It is necessary to distinguish between these spaces because it is not necessarily the same people who subscribe to them. Others are your connections, others are the.

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Subscribers to your group and your page. That’s why you can post to your Page and re-share the content on the LinkedIn News Fee to your connections. You can also copy the URL of content poste to your page and then paste it into your group. This will make it Lithuania Phone Number List easier for people to follow your page because your posts will display a button that allows them to follow it. A single LinkedIn profile and several pages and/or groups to publish You can only create one profile but on the other hand several pages and/or groups. The professional page is generally the space that offers your company’s content , so it is essential.

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Not An Unforgettable Road

When you are looking for visibility and interactions. The group is more relate to a general topic around which you interact with several people. It is more open to debate, exchanges, etc. It’s like a mini forum. LinkedIn Content ,LinkedIn Apart from sharing BTC Database AS content from a link (URL of your content) you can also write content directly on LinkedIn via the editor. See the different inserts below: Content creation on LinkedIn When you want to create a simple post or share a link on LinkedIn , all you have to do is click in the “ Start a post ” box. If you want to write content like a blog using a text editor.

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