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Moreover the user who clicks on the link to obtain more details, does not always see the top of the page. He therefore does not know who the author of the article is and this could represent a problem for him. If the site displays advertisements, it does not see them either since it is directly directe to the relevant content. Sites that appear in feature snippets do not remain in the zero position indefinitely. Google may change the snippet base on its ranking at any time. Presumably, only the best positione sites and benefiting from a large number of links from different domains appear in the box.

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Some SEO specialists in the United States have looke into the matter and identified a method that seems to work. It consists for the referenced site, in answering a simple, clear and common question on its market. The website must then contextualize Ecuador Phone Number List this response, in value-added content and make the page easily accessible to Internet users. Featured snippets offer maximum visibility to sites considered reliable sources of information. An advantage that also contributes to reassuring the user browsing the search engine. Website creators therefore have every interest in betting on the long tail , considering the angle of voice SEO . That’s to say work on vocal requests formulated by their target.

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But also to offer content with high added value and to respect the basic rules of SEO optimization. All this in order to see their content appear in position zero. Their goal should be to provide the best possible response to users. Linkedin is part of the family of BTC Database AS social media, with the particularity of addressing mainly professionals. Thus among the professional social networks it is currently the main one. A few years ago, the professional social network Viadeo was ahead in number of users. Viadeo and Linkedin were the 2 main professional social networks. Only Linkedin imposes itself today and it is international. Linkedin is primarily use to promote your profile, insofar as it reflects your image, your identity.

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