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Avatar If you have a logo, use it on your professional page and. Possibly your group if you decide to create one. Establish goals to stand out faster on Linkedin Without goals, no one can know. Where he is going. Thus it will be interesting to draw up an. Action plan to achieve a targeted objective. This objective, let’s remember, is to stand out on Linkedin. Take a sheet of paper and write down everything that relates you directly or indirectly to your business, your expertise, what you are, who you are, etc. All of these points will be assets or points for you. weak to work.

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Then highlight your qualities and skills in. Content creation or similar. Content creation: Articles (content optimize for the web. snacking content, background content, etc. Creation of visuals: Infographics, quotes, advice Podcast creation: Audio Hong Kong Phone Number List program that delivers specific information. Creation of videos: Video tutorials, interviews, webina Live streaming: Live videos that allow you to deal with a topical subject or around a problem Content creation is an essential point to work on to stand out on Linkedin . If you know how to write for the web or simply write content, you will have to know how to exploit it. Content is what makes the difference. Note: Let’s be honest.

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You won’t stand out overnight on Linkedin. You will nee time and an action plan to follow scrupulously to achieve this.  Content to be produce and publishe on Linkedin A few years ago, it was very difficult to decide between profiles on Linkedin that were similar in BTC Database AS all respects. Even today this is not an easy task for recruiters, as for those looking for a profile with added value. Note: This point will be complete in the second part of the article When looking for a freelance community manager , for example, we often have the feeling of having profiles that are.

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