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Among which and without possible dispute, there are real crooks and impostors. They would stick themselves, and very willingly. The label of influencer. A great paradox in which the media plunge, because in nee of hearing. How can a sector as cut up as influence, with qualifiers understandable by the smallest of mortals. Be reduce to a muck of people who have no other ambition than to show themselves from all angles hoping to reach a status of star or artist. Why call these people; reality TV influencers. So the equation of all this little world would result in: the (influencers) of reality TV ? But where are the real influencers, the real content creators. The (influencers) of reality TV Before having an influencer label.

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Stars are already role models in their field; ball star, singing star, star with impeccable acting etc. we imply here a real journey and a real world where the artists are proven. But a person from reality TV , where does she come from, what is her rank, her Uganda Phone Number List expertise, her artistic touch, what concrete contribution does she bring, etc. So influence would be summe up in reality TV and would sweep away all content creators and those who bring real visibility and business to brands, without mentioning actions that generate donations for associations, such as Ze Event! and so many other real talents! In conclusion If we cut out the world of influence, then we have to go all the way and call a spade a spade In my opinion.

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The people of reality TV remain the people of reality TV, and that’s it. Leave the merit of a label to the real influencers, of course, but which makes sense if it is reduce to expertise, content creation, etc. We cannot put everyone in the same basket. I’m not saying there aren’t good people from the world of reality TV, but all I see is that the media has BTC Database AS built ratings and cash machines. They then left them to wander in nature where they awkwardly use the quarter of an hour of glory that they had (for many). It is also necessary to know how to distinguish the good people from the profiteers of the system , like the good ones from the bad influencers. But let’s stop saying amen to media hungry for.

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