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Because not all influencers are to be put in the same. Basket and many are real content creators bringing real adde value to brands. In addition, there are also areas. Where there is necessarily passion that takes over. Which will make it possible to combine business with pleasure and not taint the actions carrie out. We can cite the field of tourism, for example, or even sport and fitness, where the influencers are travelers on the one hand and real sportsmen on the other. Passion or practice therefore takes over, and for brands it is all the more gratifying to establish a partnership on this basis. If I take the field of beauty, you cannot agree with all the brands and put all the products in the world on your skin by pseudo.

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I say it when it is of course remunerate. Conversely, nothing can prevent a person from testing products for free . Beauty influencer That’s why you have to put everything in the context of the influencer; its professionalization, its vital needs, its Venezuela Phone Number List ethics, its passion, etc. On the other side the brands in their choice of profile and their expectations as well as their objectives. But we must remain honest about the fact that an influencer remains a vector of business , and that he is fully aware of it. It is therefore very often the professionalization of the influencer that mainly leads him to accept many deals where the lure of profit takes over. When an influencer has an external source of income.

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Tt can change a lot of things, especially on his choice of partnerships according to his affinities. reality tv influencers Unfortunately, reality TV influencers are only fabricate people, in order to make the audience on the small screen above all. Can we therefore BTC Database AS speak of influence at this stage? The rest is television appearances and operations to surf the wave of a pseudo-celebrity that will quickly run out of steam. We have seen those who venture into dropshipping by shamefully scamming a large part of the buyers of the products they were promoting. Products purchase on sites such as Alibaba or AliExpress to resell them with colossal margins. reality tv influencers Where is the influence, if not to have benefite from a few.

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