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23 feb 2021
mobile first index: things you need to know
mobile first index means that the priority is on the display of the mobile or mobile version. So this will have to do with how the search engine or google changes its method of ranking content from desktop sites to mobile or mobile versions.

For that, as a website owner, you need to know about

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this so that your website can be optimized properly.

Mobile first index is a way of indicating from search engines such as google in prioritizing websites that already support mobile display in order to determine the right ranking for the website.

If previously google determined the ranking of website performance on the desktop version, with the mobile-first index, google was able to assess website performance by crawling the mobile version of the website. This means, if the website’s performance feels bad on the mobile version, it will affect your website’s seo badly.


Is your website mobile first index?
Actually, the announcement regarding the transition to the mobile-first index has been around since 2016. In more detail, here are the details of the announcement based on info from ahrefs:

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