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Yourself in the place of your interlocutors. It is better to be interested in the person or to. Ask open-ende questions. This is a very important element in my strategy and it will work in the long term. I really advise you to adopt this good reflex to succee. The limit of this practice will come from the fact that Linkedin will reduce the results if you do too much research. You will then have to switch to a premium account (free for 30 days). I invite you to contact me directly on Linkedin in private, if you have any questions on this point. I don’t always recommend it. Everything will depend on your problem.

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Linkedin contact business opportunities You can therefore reach your target and this is one of the benefits of Linkedin. You will say to me: “ OK but, I don’t want to go on this platform. I’m already on Facebook and other social networks I’m often Costa Rica Phone Number List asked this question. I will give my position on this crucial point later. It is above all a question of having a good reasoning. Simply outsider reasoning. 2. Linkedin: A social network for doing business Linkedin is a professional social network perfectly adapted to develop your online business. It is also essential for all those who work in B2B. Besides, it is e.

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Ssential to work on your visibility and influence to stand out on Linkedin . A business dimension to assume Let’s not be naive in our approach, we are on Linkedin to do business. We are not philanthropists. I had not perceived this dimension at the start BTC Database AS before exploring this incredible platform. The synergies that you will create will really be in this perspective. There is a time to discover your target and another to convert it. It is this time that you will find on a daily basis on Linkedin. We are on a network designe primarily for professionals. You can focus on this dimension.

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