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Recruit a digital profile like the community manager. In terms of recruiting community managers, there are several problems to his French version, will have the mission of bringing together the brand or the company for which he works, and the said community that he will manage. In the middle will be the commitment that he will have to acquire through various and varie actions. He will therefore be responsible for animating and making Internet users interact, on the content he will share while exchanging with his community. Skilero thus offers the possibility to the community manager.

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Free test on its recruitment platform and on different themes , in order to test his skills and knowledge around these 5 distinct themes: Web culture Community Management Community manager tools Social networks Digital Marketing  Social Media As Kazakhstan Phone Number List mentioned above, the test will cover 60 questions selecte from a total of 300 existing ones. Resources are also associated with the tests in order to perfect your knowledge beforehand. To recruit a community manager from the business point of view, it is a real solution that opens up to companies in terms of pre-selection. Here we avoid having to recruit candidates.

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For lack of knowledge or vision on the job, by having access to a file of pre-evaluate community managers. A considerable time saving for companies and above all the guarantee of having a CM with note skills. Community manager training resources The community manager quiz offers many upstream resources, in order to start learning BTC Database AS about any shortcomings that the future candidate may have. Among the ten items made available, note blogs such as the community manager journal , certain Facebook groups specializing in the subject, expert books such as Clément Pellerin ‘s community manager toolbox or the toolbox Cyril Bladier’s social networks and finally the e-learning site on digital in general.

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