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Not in the number of contents evolves. With voice queries and content to index Google and natural referencing trends in 2018 will. Be numerous with the changes taking place with the. Mountain View giant. SEO continues to advance in an ultra-competitive climate and where Google is busy assigning the best positions to the most relevant content. There has been a big fluctuation in the zero positions on Google since their introduction. As previously raised, the content will have to become denser, more relevant and respond to a mastere lexical field to win the famous positions of the coveted.

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Top  It will not be a question of writing for the sake of writing but of optimizing content as well as possible, to meet a real need and a set of rules. Even if one in 5 people will read content share on social networks, many Internet users will search directly on Malaysia Phone Number List Google. This is how organic traffic increases for websites, thus requiring better optimization of content, the meta description tag and everything that revolves around the fundamentals of SEO . To this we add the artificial intelligence within the voice SEO which invites itself at home. OK Google: “Tell me how do you optimize content for SEO? ” 2018 trends.

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In work on voice requests will require a different approach in terms of writing and above all understanding how the requests will be spoken by Internet users. If the tools have so far measure the searches entere on the internet, how will the traffic analyzes around the keywords, via all the connecte objects, emerge? Wait & See The work around the BTC Database AS lexical field of words will also be pushe to writers who want to obtain better positions. In the end, a clever 2018 SEO cocktail will mix vocal SEO, longer and more relevant content while working on the lexical field of words. And you ! What 2018 trends have you detecte You have been told and repeate (me first!) that you have to post regularly on LinkedIn.

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