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Post-launch Learning For Growth Belgium Phone Number

This piece is part of a series surrounding website development best practices as followed by Marketo’s web development team. You can learn about the pre-planning process, how to create an actionable plan, setting your team & project up for successmanaging your


team throughout the build process, and finally how to manage the go-live process in our previous posts.

. Imagine having insights into the three things per day your child should learn. What if those three things would increase their chances of Belgium Phone Number achieving their dreams of becoming an astronaut or professional athlete by 400%? Or what about the three things that will help them avoid nasty diseases like cancer and diabetes by 1000%? Unfortunately, this platform does not exist—though I’m sure many parents would pay millions to have these insights. But with the proper set up and process you can get this type of insight to create the optimal plan for your digital child’s health.

In this blog, we’ll prepare your website to be a source of continuous learning for your company. We’ll cover tips for teams, goals, timelines, data, tools, insights, and angles.


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These are your stakeholders. This should not look that different than what the stakeholders activated for product ROI planning except there may be different team members depending on the size of your team.

If any function or department was missing from that initial set of stakeholders, make sure to plug that hole now. For true continuous learning, you need a representative from each aspect of the business.  Each team member has a

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