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In the last book, I mentioned the rectification of the WeChat public account customer service interface. The three fan behaviors of “following, scanning the code, and clicking the menu” can only get the brand to interact with three messages in one minute. The scene is mov to the customer service interface trigger by the above behavior, and the layout is small, beautiful, precise and powerful service contact points. Continuing from the book above, this article will continue to analyze how to guide fans to trigger the 48-hour customer service interface, and what kind of interaction system the brand builds in this situation. If you are interested in understanding the usage scenarios of the short customer service interface, you can refer to the previous article “WeChat Marketing Practice – Official Account 48-hour Customer Service Interface New Regulation Application Part.

Hour Customer Service Interface

After the implementation of the new regulations on the customer service interface of the official account. Brands can interact with fans for up to 48 hours through the official account and send 20 messages. For the two fan behaviors of “sending a message” and “successful payment. Of course, fans have a limited chance of spontaneously engaging in the above Algeria Mobile Number List two behaviors. Brands ne to screen out a group of secondary-trigger 48-hour interactive users among other active fans. With light interactions such as “following, scanning QR codes, and clicking menus. In the third message, fans are further guid to send messages or complete payment in the official account. So as to realize the interaction of “1 minute + 48 hours”.

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New Regulation Application

When a bran has the right to interact with the WeChat public account of “48 hours + 20 messages” or “48 hours and 1 minute + 23 messages. It not only verifies the interest of this group of fans. On the side, but also helps the brand achieve targeted Incubation or service. The following content will show you the practical scenarios of the 48-hour customer service window in the four scenarios. Of course, the main introduction is the scene where the secondary guidance triggers the 48-hour customer service interface. Overview of the application scenarios of the new WeChat official account customer service interface.


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