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Respect the principles of the ergonomics of a website to improve

The wedig e-marketing agency also provides companies with its expertise in website ergonomics . Wedig recommends optimizing the structure and content of all your online media in order to improve their performance. Optimizing the ergonomics of an interface improves the user experience and therefore increases the potential for traffic and retention. Ergonomic standards, the user first respecting good practices in terms of ergonomics has a positive influence on natural referencing because the user experience is at the center of google’s assessments. It is essential to take care to remove what can hinder the navigation of the internet user and to optimize his journey on the site in order to reduce the rate of loss.

Focus on sobriety the goal of the game

At wedig, the webmarketing consultant carries out an analysis of the elements present on the pages and makes optimization recommendations. He also supports you in the implementation of the recommendations and in the test phase. An analysis of the audience makes it possible to measure the evolution of the performance of the Finland Phone Number List site and to bring new optimizations if necessary. Why you shouldn’t just think about design of course, an aesthetic and modern interface can have a power of seduction, especially for showcase sites (according to subjective criteria). But the consulting agency wedig is there to remind that internet users can easily leave their navigation as soon as they encounter a bad experience.

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Prioritize your pages use a search engine

Conversely, new purchases are influenced by the memory of a good past experience (optimized according to concrete elements). It is therefore necessary to think “functional” before “beautiful” when designing a website. Aesthetics must be at the service of use, and above all must not harm the fluidity of use of the site. Our advice to optimize BTC Database AS ergonomics and promote conversions optimizing usability also impacts conversions on your site. The structure of content and calls to action must be thought. Out in such a way as to simplify the internet user’s journey. It is therefore recommended to establish. The objective of the site by asking the question of what you want the user to do on his site. You have to think carefully about the quality of the content.

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