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From the case summary of the cooperation between Lilac Garden and pharmaceutical equipment companies, digitalization is not a one-step process, but a gradual one. The first step is to do the project. Starting from small steps to build a “victory moment”, many pharmaceutical equipment companies have been waiting, learning and planning. There is such a line in Lilac Garden’s corporate culture-thinking is a problem, and doing it has an answer. Therefore, pharmaceutical equipment companies can first Take small steps and let your team build confidence in digital marketing. The second step is to build the mechanism.

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Through small projects, build and continuously optimize the collaboration process between teams, and reuse the iterative “moment of victory” marketing mechanism. The third step is to make a platform. Target doctors can form a closed loop of education in a relatively controllable environment. Some pharmaceutical and device companies Guatemala Mobile Number List have established private user domains for their users in apps, mini-programs, micro-malls, WeChat terminals, and PC-side official websites, but the data between the platforms is not connected. , so it is difficult to distinguish the ID of the target user, and thus cannot describe the common and differentiated attributes of the user.

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Up to now, Dingxiangyuan is the only platform that serves both D-end doctors and C-end pan-healthy people. It mainly has two platforms, Dingxiangyuan, which focuses on professional medical people, and Dingxiang Doctor, which serves pan-healthy people. Lilac Garden has 5.5 million registered members and 1.47 million certified doctors. Through the data tracking of these real HCPs, the “Nine Chapters” digital marketing platform has been built, which carries four functions of traffic center, data center, content center and tool center. Through account login, you can dynamically understand the behavior changes of doctors. Patients or audiences participating in a digital marketing project in real time. Conduct statistical analysis of data, and help pharmaceutical and device companies. To efficiently, multi-effect, and effectively communicate and reach key academic information and product content.



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