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Do is choose from the photos offere Enough to make your posts very attractive. Tools to dress up your Linkedin posts. When you decide to post on a social network. The font is defined in advance. If we understand the need for editorial consistency within the platforms, we are sometimes hampered in our creativity. To remedy this, here are two tools to make your posts more engaging and that will encourage reading. YayText YayText offers you to modify a word or a text. Enter it in the corresponding block and here you are with dozens of different style proposals. Bold underline.

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Strikethrough, bubble text etc my favorite: “seagull! Once selected click on copy, and paste your text or your word on your post or LinkedIn profile, to make it differentiating. You will thus bring a certain originality. Be careful, it’s like everything, abuse is Ivory Coast Phone Number List dangerous for visibility and reading. To consume with moderation. cool symbol Like the previous tool, Cool symbol , lets you brighten up your posts or your LinkedIn profile a bit . How Thanks to a huge selection of emojis. Just click on one of them.

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Copy it and then paste it on your text. Not insignificant asset, the LinkedIn algorithm would be, it seems, fond of it. Also, be careful not to go overboard. 3. Tools to support your organization Having a content strategy with a medium or long term vision is essential to achieve your goals. And that requires good organization. I do not hide from you that I BTC Database AS am not yet master in the matter, and that it regularly happens to me to have to carry out my tasks at the last moment. But who doesn’t? To avoid being overwhelme by priorities and to be able to get your head out of the water, here is a tool to plan your posts and another to make your appointments more intuitive.

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