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Enterprise WeChat usage is increasing rapidly. From the point of view of the use of Chinese enterprises, the use rate of enterprise WeChat is growing rapidly. In 2018, 100% of the enterprises certified by WeChat were added, and there were more than 50 industries. Specifically, enterprise WeChat was launched in 2016. After three years of development, the service industry has increased, services have become more and more in-depth, and enterprise WeChat has become more open.

According to official data, 80% of the top 500 domestic companies have opened corporate WeChat. More than 60% of the top 100 companies in retail, medical, logistics and other industries are users of corporate WeChat. With the trend of industrial Internet and digital upgrading of enterprises, Tencent’s investment in the B-end market has increased, and the development of enterprise WeChat has become increasingly mature.

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Enterprise WeChat complements the ecological niche of the WeChat system. Since the official launch of WeChat, WeChat has always played the role of a connector. First, it is the connection between people. Language calls, people nearby. Shake, Moments, and official accounts are all channels for connection, making the connection cheap. Fast and Paraguay Cell Phone Number List efficient. The second is the connection between people and services. WeChat wallet integrates a large number of offline services, and can also pay for water, electricity, gas, broadband and telephone charges through living bills, urban services, and access to public services such as traffic management, medical care, and justice, forming a one-stop integrated application.

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Enterprise WeChat, as a supplement to the WeChat ecosystem. Is a professional communication tool specially created by the WeChat team for enterprises. Just like the familiar experience of WeChat, it connects. To the WeChat ecosystem and helps enterprises work efficiently. First, use enterprise WeChat to directly add WeChat of customers and partners to better communicate with them. Second, preset punch-in, approval, file disk, report, announcement and other applications, provide a wealth of third-party applications to choose from, and also support API access to own applications.

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