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Promoting your brand if possible without too much proselytism. Flatter the LinkedIn algorithm Like many social networks, LinkedIn uses algorithms to promote (or not) your content. When using the previous tips, be aware that bots will rate your content and the interest it generates. You must therefore focus on clarity, quality and the creation of engagement with your audience. It is this engagement that will or will not encourage the bots to put you forward. Seek to get your subscribers to like and share your content, rather than hiding it without of course asking them explicitly, which is very frowned upon by the algorithm . You should also know that at the very end, it is human administrators who check the.

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Relevance of content that will have generated high visibility. 6. Add employees Invite as many of your employees , colleagues or partners as possible to your professional page. They will be able to both comment on the content, possibly participate in its Thailand Phone Number List creation, but above all, they will make incredible ambassadors. They will extend the visibility of your brand or business, dramatically increasing its reach. For example, they will be able to share the content of the professional page , and will redirect their own subscribers to it. 7. Post in multiple languages If your brand has international customers or wants to.

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Conquer them LinkedIn offers the very interesting possibility of personalizing your content in about twenty different languages . Thus, the site automatically offers the appropriate translation according to the country of origin of the user. This possibility BTC Database AS drastically increases your audience, and develops your credibility and authority. 8. Use advertising In addition to organic reach, you can also use advertising on LinkedIn to increase your visibility tenfold. You have several self-service solutions, such as sponsored content, text ads ( CPC or CPM ads , which appear everywhere on the site), or sponsored InMail, an e mail.

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