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Punctuality a guarantee should not distinguish people represents

Punctuality must differentiate people between those who are worthwhile and deserve consideration and those who do not. Simple! Just as it is not reasonable to accept that honesty is a quality that distinguishes a person (because in fact dishonesty would be assumed as a norm), it is inappropriate to consider that a punctual person deserves to stand out for that fact. The adjectives deserve the unpunctual person, not the one who is not. Punctuality is not a virtue and Lateness is a defect. Two specific facts demonstrate the unpunctual person (although they are not the only ones): That he cannot order basic aspects of his life. That does not respect others. This is enough to not take it into account in anything important.

The lack of respect associated with lateness

I consider this important aspect from a business continuity. Point of view when the management or senior management position is not in the organization. Establish in your business what decisions another person can make. When the management Jewelry Retouching Service is not there and what decisions cannot be made and therefore. Management or senior management must be consulted. I have seen on many occasions how simple and insignificant procedures are stopped in an. Organization because the management is not present to answer a simple “yes or no. Area: Human Resources test for business. Are the department’s main. Processes or critical processes documented. So that they can be carried out by another person in the event of staff absences.

Is punctuality learned

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Make it clear in a document: what is going to be delivered, how it is going to be delivered, when and how much it will cost. Is the client’s signature required on quotes/offers/accepted quotes? This part is one of my biggest “fights” with my clients. And it is BTC Database AS a shame because they have already sent the estimate/offer/quote to their client, the client accepts but then they do not ask for the signed document. The signing of this document represents a guarantee at the time of any non-payment or changes by the client in the conditions of the sale that were not previously established. I know that today we all live in an increasingly fast world in which things must be done now.

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