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What Is The Best Effect Of Pushing A Few


When you are in between, should you concentrate on making one headline, or divide it into multiple pushes? The former can ensure the quality of the content, but what about the latter, which may lead to higher reading rates? Don’t hesitate, please reduce the number of tweets as much as possible and concentrate on making headlines. According to statistics, the second, third, and fourth articles will greatly disperse the reading rate of the headlines, and the combined total reading volume is not even as good as a single headline.

Which Time Period Is Best To Send

Although some bosses need to see multiple pushes, they will feel that the work of the marketing department is saturated enough. At this time, they might as well use this picture to convince him. Saying the answer directly, sending content to Malta Mobile Number List customers in the morning of Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, works best. There are three main points in support of this conclusion. First, customers prefer to read during working hours, which is also the consensus of B2B companies (Figure 1, Figure 2). Second, customers are more likely to read in the morning and noon than in the afternoon.

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The Main Source Of Customer Acquisition

Third, since most B2B companies choose to push on Thursday/Friday afternoons (Figure 1), the push effect is best after avoiding this congestion period.

What is the average number of fans of your peers? The official account fans of B2B companies are generally less than 100,000, and even the industry leaders are often in this range. So marketers don’t have to worry too much. The accuracy and effectiveness of fans are more meaningful than purely quantitative indicators.

Combining the data of new pull and retention, we calculated the channel effect indicators of each source (the current ratio of new purchases × the current retention ratio), and found that the WeChat QR code, official account search, and marketing activity QR code are the best choices for marketing.

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