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For example, have an experienced employee tell you in an enthusiastic tone about his or her work within your company. Make fun, spontaneous short films, explain the mission and vision clearly or tell some fun facts about the origin of the company. For example, where does the name come from?

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You will not have missed it. In 2022, recruiting staff is very difficult. The shortage on the labor market is causing many vacancies. All these vacancies cannot be filled at the same time, so your vacancies must stand out.

A handy way to literally stand out with your career website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By applying this properly, your careers website will rise on the Google rankings and that is extremely valuable. Did you know that don’t look further than the first page? In fact, 35% of searchers on Google don’t even look beyond the first search result. Not being on the first page of Google is therefore disastrous. Let SEO be just that tool that guides your careers website to the first page of Google.

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For SEO to succeed, you must first research. This will result in keywords that are relevant to your target group and on which you would like to rank . With the help of these keywords you will create pages in which you keep repeating the keywords. This is how you start rankings.

You can’t do that keyword research off-the-cuff, you need tools for tis a free tool that allows you to perform a limited number of keyword researches per day. Do you want to go bigger? Then consider purchasing paid tools such a . Look closely at the search volume per keyword. If a keyword is searched 10 times a month, it probably isn’t worth it. So choose keywords with a higher search volume. Keep in mind that the competition for those keywords will be higher.

4. Distinguish target groups

If your company offers different employment contracts, it is important to clearly define the vacancies. As a result, you receive many more relevant applicants and you avoid unnecessary digging through Canadian CEO Email List numerous candidates. Do you mainly have evening or holiday work available? Therefore, you mainly focus on students. Don’t shy away from creating full landing pages for different audiences. This also helps in increasing the SEO score and thus the findability.

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5. Mobile first

We’ve emphasizedn previous articles , but we’ll keep insisting on it. Today, more than a quarter of applications come in via mobile and this share will continue to increase sharply in the coming years. A careers website that is not mobile-friendly therefore reduces the chance of applicants.

Careers website contributes to employer branding

A careers website is the calling card of the HR department within your organization. So it really contributes to employer branding. With these five factors you lay the foundation for the search for up-and-coming talent. Be distinctive and put the experience first. Then the relevant applicants will apply.

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